“Marcelle gave us real, actionable tips  to inspire, grow and retain our employees as happy and engaged believers in our business.  As a small, growing organization, our people are our biggest resource, ensuring their success and development is imperative…and Marcelle is a master.”

Tanya Sheckley

 Founder and President

UP Academy (California)

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As President and Chief Job Mixologist, Marcelle brings wisdom, humor and unconventional – yet practical – advice on conquering the deeply entrenched barriers to employee development.

Whether she’s speaking to employees, leadership teams or to talent development professionals, Marcelle  encourage audiences to kick their rut and take more effective approaches to developing the untapped talent within…including within themselves.

For more than 25 years, Marcelle has helped organizations of all sizes successfully disrupt, enhance or improve their people-related processes. She has been an HR consultant, talent/workforce development lead and a leadership coach for clients within Fortune 100 companies, nonprofit organizations, the defense industry and higher education.

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Along the way, Marcelle has coached and advised everyone from front-line managers and college new hires, to C-Suite executives and US Navy Commanders within the US and Japan. She holds an MBA and an Associate Certified Coach credential.

“I met Marcelle at a Disrupt HR event and was blown away by her content and her energy, and obviously her expertise.”

Shelley Smith
President, Premier Rapport

Host of "The Culture Hour" Podcast
Former Program Chair, Peninsula SHRM (Virginia)

Keynote & 

Speaking Topics

The Art of Job Mixology

Make Development Happen When Time, Ideas or Resources are Scarce

Our organizations are flatter than ever, which means fewer opportunities for promotion. So how do you keep your best people when they believe the only way to grow in their careers is to quit…often taking team morale, productivity and engagement with them?


Audiences of senior leaders and management teams will learn how to:

  • Make it easy for all managers and leaders to actively engage in talent development efforts

  • Unlock more creative and strategic job-related development opportunities for employees

  • Create an ongoing development process that fosters a culture of inclusion along the way

Kick Your Rut!

You CAN Fall in Love 

with Your Job Again!

To leave or not to leave? That’s the question many employees are asking themselves all too often. They face a choice between staying…but getting stuck (or worse, checking out), or giving up and quitting.


But there’s another option. In the space between loving a job and leaving it, there’s job mixology: uncovering, creating and maximizing more opportunities for development right where they are.

Audiences of workplace professionals within organizations or as part of professional associations will learn how to:

  • Adopt an “intrapreneurial” mindset that accelerates professional growth

  • Uncover multiple, often hidden, development opportunities

  • Carve out more time for development   

  • Build a broader network of champions for their efforts 

Beyond Diversity
Use Your Talent Development Process to Increase Inclusion
and Performance

While diversity remains an important focus for HR professionals, more organizations recognize that fostering inclusion can be a more elusive goal. Making inclusive behaviors the norm, however, is difficult to compel.


It’s time to apply a fresh lens to the talent development process, one that moves beyond simply adding diversity- and/or inclusion-related goals to leaders’ development plans. 

Senior leaders, HR/Talent Development professionals, and those in Diversity & Inclusion-related roles will learn how to: 

  • Demystify the important difference between a D&I goal and a D&I focus

  • Incorporate inclusiveness into existing talent development processes seamlessly

  • Motivate employees to build broader, more diverse support networks to achieve their development goals

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