Our solutions can be delivered as single- or multi-day, stand-alone opportunities, or they can be integrated into existing talent development programs.

Talent Development Strategy Consulting

Imagine if your talent development process could empower employees, naturally foster inclusion, and automatically generate a wealth of fresh development ideas. Let's work together to make it happen!


Manager Development: 

The MixMaster Workshop 

Using our POWER Cycle framework, our programs

help managers learn to immediately:

  • Align development goals with business priorities

  • Eliminate “lack of time" by identifying hidden opportunities within their current schedules

  • Inspire employees to own their development 

  • Deliver feedback that sparks development ... not defensiveness


Employee Development

In the space between loving a job and leaving it, there’s job mixology. Our workshops and modules help employees think more creatively and strategically about their development.

Add us to your: 

  • Annual Meetings

  • Development Program Modules

  • Employee Resource Network Events

  • Internal Conferences

  • New Hire / New Manager Orientation Programs