Of Mamba, Mojo and Moxie

“A lot of people have special talent but they waste it or they never use it…[Kobe] didn’t ruin his opportunity; he was never going to give up.” - Jerry West

With Kobe Bryant’s sudden passing, his “Mamba Mentality” – a fierce competitiveness and voracious drive to succeed – is being celebrated as the secret sauce to his illustrious career on and off the court.

When reading more about the Mamba Mentality, I learned that Kobe named his alter ego “The Black Mamba” because he wanted to model his on-the-court persona after the slim and unassuming, yet ferocious, black mamba snake.  

In the same spirit, what if we were to embrace alter egos that give us strength, courage, inspiration and fierce determination? In fact, Beyonce literally named her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” – transforming her from a shy Texas girl into a fearless entertainer who can perform effortlessly for millions of adoring fans.

Kobe Bryant brought his Mamba out from the shadows, and it became a beacon of excellence that transcended basketball.

Whether it’s your Mamba, mojo or moxie, it’s time to tap into it, personify it and use it to impact the world in powerful new ways. Someday soon, I hope to introduce you to Athena, the non-Marvel – but equally marvelous – alter ego of mine. 

Rest in Power Kobe, GiGi, and all the passengers of that fateful flight. 


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