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Talent Development Efforts 


Let's conquer typical barriers to effective talent development, including:

busy managers, frustrated employees and lack of results. 

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Employee Development

Besides compensation, lack of career development is a top reason employees leave.


Our workshops empower employees to get more creative and strategic about finding and designing job-related growth opportunities.

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Manager Development

Only 40% of employees say their managers help them develop needed skills.*

Help managers identify practical ways to develop their teams more often...and eliminate lack of time, ideas or resources as barriers to effectiveness. 

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Speaking & Keynotes

A full 70% of high-retention-risk employees say they'll have to leave to advance their careers.**

Inspire employees to broaden their perspective on development they kick their ruts and take charge of their careers.

*Gartner, June 2018

**Carrer, Lucia, et al; "Seven Things to Know about Employee Retention Risks;" Insider; Willis, Towers, Watson; June 19, 2015;