So what exactly is 

"job" mixology?

Imagine making the perfect cocktail – alcohol optional – by blending business strategy with innovative job-related experiences that reinforce learning, foster inclusion, increase retention and support organizational change and transformation...

THAT is job mixology.

Meet Our Chief Job Mixologist: Marcelle Fowler

For more than 25 years, Marcelle has led the successful enhancement or overhaul of performance and talent management processes within a variety of organizations.

Her career has included roles in HR, talent and workforce development, and leadership coaching for corporations such as CACI, Capital One, Dow Chemical and UPS. Along the way, Marcelle has coached and advised everyone from front-line managers and college new hires, to C-Suite executives and US Navy Commanders within the US and Japan. She is passionate about showing leaders and their people how to find opportunities for career advancement in unconventional, creative and simple ways.

Marcelle holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a bachelor's from Michigan State University. She also possesses an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation, a global organization that upholds rigorous practice and education standards for professional coaching.


President and Chief Job Mixologist

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Virginia, United States